So, what should the NBA do about Ja Morant’s recent social media post?

Recently, Ja Morant, the star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, posted a video on social media that showed him flashing a firearm. This is not the first time that Morant has been seen with a gun on social media, as he also posted a similar video last year. This has raised concerns about the message that Morant is sending, particularly given the high-profile role that he plays as an NBA player. As such, the question has arisen: What should the NBA do about Ja Morant’s recent social media post?

Some have argued that the NBA should take a firm stance against Morant’s actions, given the negative message that he is sending. In particular, there are concerns that Morant’s posts could encourage others to take up firearms, and could contribute to the ongoing epidemic of gun violence in the United States. As such, some have called for the NBA to suspend Morant or take other disciplinary action, in order to send a message that such behavior is not acceptable.

Others, however, have defended Morant’s actions, arguing that he has the right to express himself on social media, and that there is no harm in him showing off his firearm. They argue that Morant is simply exercising his Second Amendment rights, and that he should not be penalized for doing so. Additionally, some have pointed out that Morant is a responsible gun owner, and that he has not done anything illegal or dangerous with his firearm.

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@peepso_user_819(Pam Elizabeth)
Ohio is also unfortunately, a no permit state. I think Morant was suspended for eight games after brandishing a gun the first time. Yet to do the same thing twice is a little concerning, considering the recent spate of mass shootings. It sounds like he has some mental stress and possibly very negative outside influences. I hope he truly makes an effort to change before his life and career are ruined.
@peepso_user_138(Dave McCue)
If he didn’t get the message after the first dust-up, unfortunately it’s going to take a more severe punishment this time. I’ve heard people suggest a full season, that seems extreme, I think 30 games would be reasonable. It’s the conference finals and people (especially those who don’t like the NBA) are talking about one of the league’s brightest young stars being irresponsible with guns , business-wise this is a major problem. Massive billion dollar businesses don’t like being embarrassed.
@peepso_user_87(David B.)
From what I gather, playing in the NBA is a privilege, and not guaranteed just because you are amazing at basketball. The NBA is a global brand and they want to protect their image. I think the problem is his past history and then he apologized about it and said "this isn't who I am" and then does something rather dumb like this. It's a question of, what is he going to do next? No easy answer here. I wonder how his team feels about it.